Moment - Curved Surface Mount for AirTags v2


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Premium gear is expensive, and now you can track it with our Hard Shell Mount for AirTags. Made from a rugged aramid fiber shell and backed with a super strong adhesive, you can stick an AirTag to any flat surface. Whether it's the inside of your camera case, hard shell luggage, car, bike, drone, or board Ñ the lightweight and rugged casing will keep your AirTag hidden and secure. It's even lined with shock absorbing foam to prevent rattle and keep things tight. No more losing valuables, hide your AirTags where thieves won't find them with the Hard Shell mount.


- Compatible with Apple AirTags
- Allows you to mount an AirTag to any hard surface, from flat to slightly-curved
- Rugged adhesive backing for secure stick to hard surfaces
- Low profile and lightweight aramid fiber construction
- Watertight once stuck onto surface
- Foam lining to keep AirTag secure and prevent rattle
- Extra adhesive pad included for removal and installation on new surfaces

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