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The First Rugged AirTag Surface Mount
Bombproof, trusted in extreme conditions.

IP68 Waterproof
We wanted something you could put anywhere. Our gasketed design keeps AirTag and its unprotected battery dry and working.

For everything you'd want to track if lost or stolen
It's the best, least expensive insurance you can buy.

Minimal & Discreet
All-black matte enclosure does not broadcast to thieves that this is an AirTag mount.

Premium Construction
Thick glass-filled polymer threaded enclosure, custom silicone o-ring, and genuine custom 3M adhesive. No expense spared.

Easy Assembly
Just screw it on. Makes it easy to change the battery. Crank down hard for a very good seal.

Ultra-Strong 3M Adhesive
This is not going anywhere. Our trusted 3M VHB adhesive is the best adhesive you can buy and mounts very strong to any clean smooth surface.

Hit it with a hammer, run over it with a car - your AirTag will still work.

Easy Installation
Stick. Unscrew. Place AirTag. Screw back on.


  • The indestructible AirTag surface mount.
  • Mounts securely in seconds with premium 3M VHB adhesive.
  • Waterproof.
  • Discreet & minimal design. Top easily screws on and off like a contact lens case.
  • Premium glass-filled composite construction.
  • Great for: skis & snowboards, trailers, vehicles, watercraft, power tools, construction equipment, bikes, bike racks, camping stuff, camera gear cases, etc...
  • Patent pending.
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