Twelve South Baselift for MacBooks


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Introducing BaseLift, an ultra-thin, folding pad + stand that goes everywhere your MacBook goes. BaseLift attaches to the bottom of your MacBook and folds into a wedge, elevating your screen and bringing your keyboard to a much more comfortable typing angle.

BaseLift is unbelievably convenient because it stays attached to the bottom of your MacBook. Fold the microfiber-layered pad, and your MacBook is instantly elevated and angled so typing is easier on your wrists. Working on a lengthy proposal in Pages or writing code for a new website or app? BaseLift makes long hours on your Mac more comfortable. Use BaseLift on planes, in conference rooms, coffee shops, workshops and anyplace else your MacBook goes.

The clever, folding stand also doubles as a comfortable pad that protects your thighs from an icy cold or extra hot MacBook. Grab your Mac and off you go, knowing BaseLift will always be there for you. BaseLift also protects the bottom of your Mac from scratches and nicks. When you decide to remove BaseLift, you’ll find a like-new surface with no residue left behind. 

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