Netcomm Powerline 500Mbps AC Pass-through Twin Pack

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500Mbps Powerline Kit with AC Pass-through

Transform your existing electrical wiring into a high-performance online network capable of supporting today’s most bandwidth-intensive activities. With the 500Mbps Powerline Kit with AC Pass-through, all you need is an available power point to create a high speed Internet connection in any room of the house. Enjoy high-definition streaming, multimedia and online gaming in any area of the home.


Lightning fast Powerline

A 500Mbps data signal is transmitted between the adapters over Powerline to create an instant access point for bandwidth-intensive devices such as HD-TVs, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players. Simply connect your devices directly to the Ethernet ports for a powerful broadband connection in any room.

Connect with Ethernet

Connect any Ethernet enabled device to your Powerline Adapters to give it instant access to your online network. Perfect for devices such as gaming consoles, TVs and other items that are generally fixed in one location. 

Noise filtering

The AC pass-through socket also improves network performance over Powerlines by reducing noise interference from other electrical devices to give you an optimal online experience.

Simply plug and play

The user-friendly 500Mbps Powerline Adapters work straight out of the box so you can focus on enjoying your online active ties. With no setup required, simply connect the adapters to power and you're connected.

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