Black Eye Filming Handle & Tripod


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Designed specifically with mobile content creators in mind.

The universal Filming Handle Tripod is perfect for filming that amazing line or capturing holiday photos with your friends and family.


The compact, sleek and durable design makes this product perfect for on the road action. Just as the name says, you can use it as a filming handle or fold it out for the tripod function. Oh and by the way, the Universal Filming Handle Tripod works with all mobile phones as well as SLR and action cameras.


Timelapses – Capture breathtaking sunset time-lapses or moody slow shutter images with the steady Tripod function.

Group shots – Everyone in the group picture but no-one to push the shutter button? No problem, just place the tripod wherever the angle is best and use the Bluetooth shutter button to fit everyone in the shot.

Behind the scenes – Filming a crazy spot but not enough hands to cover all of the angles? Just place your camera or phone on the tripod and let it film the BTS stuff.

Selfies – It’s definitely not a selfie stick, but if you somehow might need it at some point (hope not), the Tripod will reach up to 50 cm.

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